…We are supportive of the ManAlive Sacramento’s application because of their strong reputation for collaboration and their history of partnering with the public and private organizations to implement and deliver a successful Batterers Treatment Program which intervenes with the cycle of domestic abuse.  They also work collaboratively to raise awareness about the devastating effects of domestic violence and treatment programs in Sacramento County. "N.V."

…Daniel, thank you for everything that you have done for me.   You have been a great teacher and a person that I have come to admire.  You have been a big influence in my recovery...  I really appreciate the way you teach your class.  ... I have come to understand things about me that I never knew… the violence and all the people I have hurt in my life, and know I can be incontrol of my life and feel good that I am my power, and only I can give that away, so just in that understanding I feel free.  "J.S"

Dear Man Alive Men,

Thank you for the honor of observing your group process. The experience was profoundly moving. I appreciate you being so real so I could see how the process works.  Your stories, feelings and honesty were all inspiring.  I learned how much you care for your children, how motivated you are to find alternatives to violence and what you are willing to do to make yourselves accountable.  What struck me most was the level of caring you showed towards one another and the kind confrontation breaking the collusion of myths that violence is OK or rewarding.   ~Sincerely, M.R. 

….One of the most important things ManAlive has helped me with is to use my self-awareness in all situations.  Manalive has also helped me learn to actively listen, ask for permission, make agreement s and catch my self-collusion. ….. Manalive saved my life; not in a sense that I was going to kill myself or anything like that, but it helped me change so I could save my relationship with my wife and sons, and help me keep the world around me happy instead of giving up on it which I almost did.  …..Manalive has helped make me a better husband, father, co-worker, teammate and person.     ~Steve