The sessions offered by ManAlive-Sacramento, Inc. are Sacramento County Probation Department approved as:

52 week Certified Batterers Treatment Program - 

and / or

Anger Management Sessions  - 12 or more sessions

Any man or woman, self referred or with a court order, may join our program at any class. All classes are gender specific.

To Enroll:  Come in 20-30 minutes before any class with your court order *, your probation or parole info, case or x-ref number, a $35.00 enrollment fee, and your income and expense information. You will need to attend this class before getting a "proof of enrollment". You are a guest at the first class, and you do not have to join if you decide to check out other programs. If you decide to join us, this will be counted as your first class.  *Any Sacramento probationer who does not have a copy of his/her minute order can obtain them from their Probation Officer, the Officer of the day, or Probation reception staff located at 3201 Florin Perkins Road in Sacramento. Failure to provide the minute order may result in your termination.

  • Tuesday-       8 am or 5 pm -MEN'S CLASSES
  • Wednesday -  6 pm    ----    MEN'S CLASS
  • Thursday  -   3:30 pm ----  WOMEN'S ONLY CLASS           
  • Saturday  -   9:30 am or 1:30 pm- MEN'S CLASSES

Classes offered at : 

Man Alive Sacramento Main Office

7000 Franklin Blvd. - Suite 640
     Sacramento, Ca. 95823

Located inside Franklin Business Center (cross street TurnBridge Drive & Franklin Blvd)

Also we offer classes inside both Sacramento County Jail Facilities, for men and women. 
For more information on how to enroll, call:  (877) 662-8465    ext. 5